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Fighting Signs of Aging With Plastic Surgery


If you are fighting the war on aging you’re not alone. Each year girls and men equally spend a great deal of money on creams and lotions to try to defy aging. Others are not so fortunate, although some appear to age gracefully. You may be left wondering what you could do, once you are fed up with diets that promise luminous skin and creams and lotions. The world of plastic surgery may hold the key. There are both surgical and nonsurgical methods that you may consider.

A non surgical option is Botox. Botox or alternative injectables have a similar purpose, but they’re not precisely the same thing. Botox is famous for injecting a compound that relaxes the muscles that cause frown lines and wrinkles. These injections are excellent for the brow, around the wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes. A patient should expect the outcomes to continue four to six months.

Other injectables like Restylane and Juvederm are used to plump up lips, redefine your attributes and fill in wrinkles and lines. Its purpose that is versatile makes these products ideal to all those seeking fuller lips. This process would need to be repeated depending on the region of the face treated.

A surgical alternative is a facelift. There are several smaller operations that may be done to target specific regions of the face in addition to only an overall facelift. Not everybody is a nominee for Lytton plastic surgery. An ideal candidate must be you though you may need more permanent results. A significant smoker is not a great candidate and patients will be asked to leave for as much as two months before operation. Patients should have great skin elasticity and bone structure, to be an excellent candidate. You will wish to go over benefits and risks with your surgeon. The only way to know for sure in case you’re a good candidate will be to meet with a surgeon.

Lytton plastic surgery may be an option for you when you are done with creams and lotions. You might not be a candidate for surgical options, however there are many non surgical options that may let you get the advantages you were seeking for. Consider how much aesthetic procedures have come and let us be thankful that we live in a time where we can safely change our appearance for the better.