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Why NSW is Outperforming Victoria in the Coronavirus Pandemic

The great state of NSW is well-known as the premier state of Australia. Those of us who live and work in this big and beautiful realm are grateful for our place in the natural scheme of things. Why NSW is outperforming Victoria in the coronavirus pandemic is obvious to many of us who reside here. Sydney is the best city to live in here in Australia. We have a wonderful standard of living and enjoy world class infrastructure and natural elements. We are, in fact, deeply worried about our southern neighbour and its struggle to contain the spread of the virus.

Victoria is Wracked by Clusters of Community Transfer Infections

Sydney and all of NSW are together committed to overcoming and eradicating COVID-19. We have pulled together like the forward pack of the Waratahs and shrugged off the attackers repeatedly. The NRL was the first football code to resume playing and is enjoying a relatively controversy-free run to crowd-filled stadiums. Victoria in contrast is wracked by clusters of community transfer infections of coronavirus around Melbourne. The AFL has been struck by an Irish convert testing positive and negative to COVID-19. Make up your mind Son, I would say to him. There is a cleaner air pervading Sydney in comparison to the mood of Melbourne. Which is why NSW is outperforming Victoria in the coronavirus pandemic.

The Dreaded Second Wave & Steepening the Curve

Children’s dentistry is safer in Sydney than Melbourne at the moment. Going to a footy match or restaurant is a better bet in the Harbour City than down south. Are we witnessing a second wave in Melbourne and Victoria? Will the folks down there be able to bear up through their cold winter amid this deadly virus? Australians everywhere are worried about those Melburnians. Fingers have been pointed at ethnic communities and their ghettoes in the southern capital city. Living close, perhaps, too close cheek by jowl they are at risk of the dreaded second wave and steepening the curve.

NSW boasts a top-class health department and medical facilities. Victoria, also, contains similarly well-appointed health authorities and institutions. We are sure that they will be able to get on top of things before they break out of control. Members of the NSW medical fraternity are, also, ready to go to the aid of their southern counterparts if required. We stand together in the face of this viral scourge for the foreseeable future and until a vaccine is developed.